What does alcohol pad mean

Alcohol cotton sheets; Alcohol; Wine semen

[use] : can be used on the skin and around the wound; Clean and disinfect keyboards, mobile phones, office supplies, paraphernalia, tableware, children’s toys, etc.; Disinfect objects that are frequently touched, toilet seat cushions, etc. Before use; Emergency disinfection of small wounds during outdoor travel and camping, and ignition.

[function] : alcohol can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and various intestinal bacilli, and also kill tuberculosis bacilli. It can also kill respiratory and intestinal viruses (including hepatitis a virus), tinea, aspergillus and yeast fungi. 75% alcohol or 70% isopropanol can effectively kill the SARS coronavirus (bird flu). As public health concerns grow, there is a growing desire for more autonomous, reliable and convenient ways to clean and disinfect, and alcohol films are selling around the world. With the characteristics of easy to carry, scientific formula, environmental protection package, long shelf life and so on, it is a constant good product for home travel and has been favored by people from all over the world.


Post time: Aug-29-2018
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